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Discover Tailored Healing at Utsav Ayurveda: Root-Cause Solutions for Your Well-being

Utsav Ayurkriya package offers ayurveda panchkarma therapy with yoga for optimal results in weight management , body detox, destress and rejuvenation.

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Ayurkriya is our unique way deliver the right results for your wellbeing

Picture this: a journey where every step brings you closer to your ideal self. With our Weight Loss Package, that dream becomes a reality.

Through a series of rejuvenating therapies, personalized consultations, and empowering lifestyle modifications, you'll uncover the path to sustainable weight management and overall well-being.


Book a

Schedule an Appointment with our Ayurvedic specialist to begin your wellness journey.



Thorough assessment of your body and mind to determine your unique constitution, guiding personalized treatment.



Discuss your analysis results and collaborate with our expert to tailor a precise treatment plan for your holistic health.


Tailored Ayurveda

Experience customized therapies targeting your specific needs, restoring balance and vitality through ancient Ayurvedic practices.


Yoga, Meditation
& Diet Plan

Embrace holistic healing with tailored yoga, meditation practices, and dietary guidance to support your journey towards well-being.


Follow up &

Regular follow-ups allow us to track progress, adjust treatments as needed, and ensure your continued well-being on your Ayurvedic path.

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Dr. Gargee Sharma

Our Ayurveda Expert

Dr. Gargee Sharma, BAMS graduate from the esteemed National Institute of Ayurveda, Jaipur, and holder of a PGDHM from IICT, Lucknow, boasts 14 years of clinical Ayurvedic expertise. Having served in esteemed organizations like Shathayu Ayurveda and Patanjali, she specializes in addressing dosha imbalances, lifestyle disorders, and chronic ailments such as asthma and PCOD. Dr. Sharma's approach integrates personalized medicines, Panchakarma therapies, yoga, and lifestyle modifications. She actively conducts camps and workshops, promoting Ayurveda's holistic approach to well-being. Her dedication to excellence and compassionate care solidify her reputation as a trusted authority in Ayurvedic medicine.

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