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A holistic program to boost creativity & motivation at the workplace!

We help you to develop a structure for your team members, to maintain and uplift Physical, Mental, Spiritual & Social Health through various wellness practices.



All work and no play makes you dull!

Avoid dull energy at workplace, boost creativity and motivate the entire team to learn, be alive in the new normal.

Enhance the bonding amongst colleagues and employees that will eventually contribute towards the company's growth

Utsav Workplay program deals with working with the management team to define the high priority issues facing the workforce and working out a intervention program which deals with the team and individual issues

Specialist workshops:

  • - Positive Psychology
  • - NLP Tools
  • - Art Therapy
  • - Happiness Workshop & Dance Movement Therapy
  • - Group Meditation Sessions
  • - Visualization.

Physical & Mental Health:

  • - Yoga, Zumba
  • - Bollywood, Bhangra
  • - Diet Talks
  • - Guided Meditation
  • - Sound healing
  • - Mindful Living


  • - Boost Individual Wellness
  • - Boost Physical & Mental Health
  • - Enhance Creative Potential and Teamwork
  • - Mindful Living

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