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Weight Management does not start with Gym or Weight training it starts when your MIND decides to DO IT.

Weight is just a number, not a determining factor in one's health. Everything within us, including blood, cells, organs, bones, tissues, muscles, fat, and so on, contributes to our weight.

As a result, evaluating your health progress solely in terms of weight can be quite misleading, as we must strive for the proper balance of fat and muscle in our bodies.

Benefits of Utsav Nutrition
Personlised & Non Restrictive
No Exotic or Expensive Items
Only Homely Food
No Pills and Suppliments

Nutritionist Speak

Dt Monisha Ashokan

Certified nutritionist from VLCC institute in Delhi. Also, finished an additional diploma in Nutrition & Health Education from IGNOU.

Being a fitness and lifestyle management consultant she invigorates her clients to understand how easy it is to incorporate whole foods into their diet. She also specialises in sports nutrition, weight management, eating disorders, body image obstacles, food intolerance/allergies, immune system enhancement and digestive disorders. She is extremely committed and has been successful in bringing her patients back to life by reversing diseases like congenital ulcerative colitis, IBS, dyslipidemia and heart diseases.

Consultation Packs

Awareness & Restoration Yoga
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Our Approach To Weight Management
Relax & Restore
Weight Gain / Muscle Gain

This isn't as straightforward as it appears, nor is it as simple as simply consuming a lot of food. It necessitates an in-depth knowledge of your metabolism, intestinal health, and digestion.

It's the culmination of nutritious eating, consistent exercise, and embracing a healthy lifestyle that enables you to gain weight healthily, focusing on building lean muscle mass instead of excess fat.

Relax & Restore
Weight Loss / Fat Loss

Weight reduction isn't about lowering the number on the scale; it's about getting rid of the undesirable and excess fat, particularly around the stomach, which can be a source of a variety of health problems.

Obesity is often caused by a combination of causes, including stress, lack of sleep, a sedentary lifestyle, and underlying health conditions.

How it Works
Step 1

Choose & purchase a preferred Online/Offline pack and select duration.

Step 2

Schedule a session from available slots with the nutritionists.

Step 3

Counseling and coaching tailored to your specific issues and concerns.

Step 4

Food and lifestyle plan tailored to you, including supplementation if necessary.

Step 5

Weekly recaps to see how you're doing and make any necessary adjustments.

Step 6

There's a complete eating-out guide, cooking instructions, self-improvement advice, & a number of healthy recipes.

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