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Utsav Aerial TTC

50-hour Aerial Foundation Teacher Training course

Become a certified aerial yoga teacher with Utsav Foundation's Authentic International Aerial Yoga teacher training program and turn your passion into a rewarding profession...Know More

04th May - 29th June 2024 Location
Sector 43
03:30 pm to 06:30 pm 2 Months Apply

Program Details


Welcome to the Utsav Foundation for an exclusive weekend "50-hour Aerial Foundation Teacher Training course. This specially designed program is for aerial enthusiasts who aspire to pursue a career in aerial arts, as well as those seeking a deeper understanding of aerial yoga for personal practice. It is the only course that offers 50 hours on the hammock, coupled with knowledge of Aerial Anatomy, Aerial Alignment, and Teaching Practices."

Course Benefits

  • Affordable & Convenient

  • Small intimate class sizes

  • Practicing with high-quality established faculty

  • Learn Different Styles of Aerial Yoga

  • Lifelong Access to Video Module

  • Opportunities to intern, teach and become Aerial Yoga entrepreneurs

  • Over 40 hrs of practical sessions

  • Scholarship for deserving candidates


The Utsav Aerial Yoga Foundation teacher training course is a foundation programme designed for aspiring teachers looking for their first level certification, or who have other certifications and are looking to build upon their existing foundations, or who are just looking to deepen their knowledge and practice. We invite you to join us for an extensive, intensive, and nourishing Teacher Training Course. In this course, you will learn the basics of Aerial Yoga, dedicated Aerial hammock fitness, Aerial Anatomy, teaching methodology, adjustments, and other nuances of teaching as well as your own practice. Welcome to the course! With this certification, you can avail 50 continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher. Our curriculum covers the following:

In Sanskrit, there is a term called 'Ardhang Shakti,' which means using half-body power. In aerial fitness, we utilize our arms, shoulders, and core strength to lift our bodies against gravity. That's why it is essential to develop the necessary muscles before getting on the hammock. During the session, you will engage in various exercises to enhance muscle strength. This session is highly important to prevent injuries during practice."
Dedicated to establishing a connection between ancient yoga and the Aerial Hammock, this session focuses on incorporating basic yoga principles into our aerial practice. You will explore over 30 yoga asanas on the hammock, gaining insights into the connection between the ground and the hammock. This session aims to broaden your perspective and guide you to craft innovative yogic flows.
session is a pivotal aspect of your Aerial Journey. It involves learning various grips and mastering 80 elements on the hammock, contributing to the development of flexibility, stretching, and strength in both the core and arms. These elements serve as the fundamental building blocks of hammock practice. Practitioners use this foundation to create diverse and challenging combinations, showcasing the versatility and creativity achievable in aerial arts.
Following the acquisition of aerial elements, we transition into the realm of Aerial Flow. Aerial flow involves seamlessly weaving together 5-10 elements, crafting a continuous sequence on the hammock. This approach mirrors the ashtanga-vinyasa flow, where one asana effortlessly leads to the next, maintaining fluid continuity. Engaging in this flow not only enhances your stamina but also nurtures a keen sense of innovation. Ultimately, this process cultivates creativity within you as a trainer.
To get a complete understanding of the various anatomical and physiological systems within our body and the correlations between them, we need to understand the principles involved in the movement of the body. Understanding your body’s biomechanics is very important to prevent injury in Aerial yoga. Biomechanics is the study of the movement and structures of the body. The study of biomechanics within Aerial Yoga considers how muscles, bones and joints work together to create postures, movements, and shapes.
Understanding and practicing an element for yourself differ significantly from teaching it to someone else. This is the same reason why some individuals excel as practitioners but struggle as trainers. As a trainer, your emphasis should be on clear instructions and effective commands. The theory session aims to deepen your understanding of the elements, paving the way for you to become a proficient teacher.
Throughout the course, we will learn a variety of elements and transitions in aerial yoga. It is crucial to practice these elements multiple times on your own. This practice not only helps you perfect the elements but also builds confidence within you. Moreover, it enables you to teach these elements to others. This session will be conducted under the observation of the trainer.




Utsav Yoga is registered with Yoga Alliance USA, and our certification makes you eligible to teach Yoga anywhere on the globe. On successfull completion of course, intense practice, dedication, assessments, evaluation, and class attendance, the journey ends with your graduation ceremony. After living a blissful journey full of memories and realizations, the ultimate goal of Utsav Yoga is to provide an authentic experience of every aspect of yoga, start a firm foundation, and prepare you for a further journey of yogic knowledge.

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Dedicated hours of Every Subject

Subject Duration
Aerial Fitness 10 Hrs
The Aerial Elements 20 Hrs
Aerial Flow and Combinations 5 Hrs
Aerial Anatomy 5 Hrs
Aerial Theory 5 Hrs
Self Practice 5 hrs
Bonus Sessions This session are depend upon the class strength and interest
Introductory Acro Aerial 1.5 Hrs
Introductory Restorative Aerial 1.5 Hrs
Introductory AIRO Yoga 1.5 Hrs


Utsav is a Non Profit Foundation, we are happy to extend scholarships to deserving candidates who wish to pursue Utsav Yogaadhar but are facing financial difficulties

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