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UTSAV Yoga Music Jam

Category :Music

Language :Hindi, English

Duration :2 Hrs

Mode :Offline

Start Date :Apr 27, 2024 at 08:00 AM, Saturday

Location :Utsav Sector 43, Plot No 100

Price :₹1,000.00

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You can expect some enthralling Live Music Performances by a bunch of amazing artists, supported by friendly cheerleaders and Yogis!

The venue for this jam is the Utsav Yoga studio.

Event Time- 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Since these Jams are self funded, there would be a contribution of *Rs 1000 per person* that you could pay at the venue or you could Book and pay online.

This charge is applicable for both Performers and Listeners and would cover the cost of sound, lights, beverages and some basic snacks. (This is not a open mic and the event is curated by ATM Gurgaon)

RSVP : +91-9315816373

Contribution: Rs 1000/-

For Utsav members Contribution : Rs 500/-


Vishal Malik
Vishal Malik

Vishal is a Author, corporate professional with 25 years of experience in Management consulting with passion for music and singing, He his the founder of Addicted to Music which has curated working professionals who share the passion for music and partnered with Utsav to create these magical evenings where the joy of music is shared in this community.

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