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30 Day Yoga Weight Loss Challenge By Priyanka Koli | Beginner And Intermediate

12 Hr 53 Min
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Yoga, being the wonder tool for enhancing one’s physical and mental health, can be an effective method for losing weight if practised persistently and combined with a good lifestyle. This course is specifically designed for people who aspire to begin their yoga path to lose weight and who have tried a lot of things but are not able to continue their practice. This may be due to a lack of guidance or complicated ins... Read More

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Get Started with Yoga

Get Started With Yoga

23 Min
Get Stronger with Suryanamaskar A

Get Stronger With Suryanamaskar A

24 Min 35 Sec
Flexi Back

Flexi Back

26 Min 1 Sec
Stretch It Front

Stretch It Front

22 Min 55 Sec
Stretch it Side

Stretch It Side

27 Min 53 Sec
Watch your breath

Watch Your Breath

29 Min 1 Sec


The program is well-structured and is highly recommended to anyone looking to lose weight and improve their overall fitness

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30 Day Yoga Weight Loss Challenge By Priyanka Koli for Beginner And Intermediate

30 Classes | 12 Hr 53 Min

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