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Yin Yoga Essentials | Beginner And Intermediate

3 Hr 58 Min
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Life is to be enjoyed in the present moment, and who doesn’t embrace the moment of relief and calmness? Welcome to yin yoga essentials with Utsav. I’m Aditya, and it’s a joyful feeling to have you here with us. Yin yoga is a concept of shifting energies from the monkey mind to a calm and still mind. In this one-hour long practice, we’ll work to release the tension from deep connective tissues and fascias thro... Read More

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Yin Yoga Volume 1

Yin Yoga Volume 1

1 Hr 56 Sec
Yin Yoga Volume 2

Yin Yoga Volume 2

57 Min 02 Sec
Yin Yoga Volume 3

Yin Yoga Volume 3

1 Hr 46 Sec
Yin Yoga Volume 4

Yin Yoga Volume 4

1 Hr 1 Min


very nice

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Yin Yoga Essentials for Beginner And Intermediate

4 Classes | 3 Hr 58 Min

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