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Ritucharya – Yoga For Seasonal Shifts | Beginner And Intermediate

2 Hr 23 Min
4.0 (3 Ratings)


This series is to align with the seasonal cycles. Just as the weather changes every few months, the compositions in our bodies vary with the seasons. So it is important to keep modifying your practice with the seasons to have a holistic practice. With this series – we learn to align with the cycles of nature as we turn inwards. This series is informed by Panchamahabhuta theory (the theory of 5 elements). When on... Read More

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Shishir ritu (Winter) - Heat/Managing digestive fire

Shishir Ritu (winter) - Heat/managing Digestive Fire

29 Min 21 Sec
Vasant ritu (Spring) - Balance/Cleanse

Vasant Ritu (spring) - Balance/cleanse

23 Min 37 Sec
Grishma ritu (Summer) - Restore/Rejevinate

Grishma Ritu (summer) - Restore/rejevinate

20 Min 38 Sec
Varsha ritu (Monsoon) - restore/turn inward

Varsha Ritu (monsoon) - Restore/turn Inward

22 Min 58 Sec
Sharad ritu (Autumn) - Moderate

Sharad Ritu (autumn) - Moderate

24 Min 05 Sec
Hemant ritu (Pre-winter) - Strong

Hemant Ritu (pre-winter) - Strong

22 Min 46 Sec


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Best yoga class.

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Ritucharya – Yoga For Seasonal Shifts for Beginner And Intermediate

6 Classes | 2 Hr 23 Min

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