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15th Feb 2023 | Author - Khan Fardeen

The mind is something that is very mysterious. Without mincing any words, we can safely say that it is the mind that rules our very world; and yet if you ask someone to define what actually this mind is, one would be at a great loss!


When you think or brood, you can either be remembering something from the past, the near past, or the future, or you may be feeling, which is a subtler form of thinking; you may also be planning or imagining something.


But if we ask you where exactly this whole process is happening, you will be in great difficulty. Normally, we associate logical thoughts with our head and feelings with our heart (the middle of the chest). But, factually speaking, is it true? Is it true that our thoughts originate in our head and our feelings originate in our heart? 


Biologically speaking, the heart is just the mechanism for pumping blood in our body; it has no concern with either thinking or feelings.


Psychologists have experimented and found that the left part of the brain is actually connected with logic, reasoning, mathematics, speech; basically, with all things that are practical to life, while the right part of the brain is connected with our feelings, imaginations, intuition, creativity, music, and so on.


Looking at it, it seems very obvious that if psychologists and brain scientists are right then, both parts of the brain are necessary for human existence, and both of these parts have to actually work together to give us a meaningful existence.


Even if we accept that the human brain is the seat of all internal activity that we perceive as the mind, we will still find it difficult to understand how the brain conjures and plays with all this stuff of thinking, feeling, and imagining. How does the brain store images? How does it replicate them? How do we identify people? More importantly, how do we plan intelligently, and what makes us creative? How is it that we have certain likes and dislikes? 


Do we have some programming inside our brain and the body at large due to which we are the way we are? What is it that gives us thoughts that go on changing from time to time when institutions change, when human society comes into play, when we create religions and castes, when we respect certain human beings as sages and seers, when we collectively give authority to a few people and accept their power? Going a little deeper gives birth to what we call spiritual thoughts in our life, when we question our very existence(perhaps human being is the only creature on this planet earth who explores his own existence and is able to examine himself). In this sense the human mind also has the capacity to turn inward and attempt to look at this source.


Human brain is something physical, but is it just the power of the human brain that it has such mighty powers and strength or is it the interplay of something else with the human brain which makes us what we are! 


What gives us the power to focus and concentrate? By and by, we can go on posing newer questions, thanks again to the great power of the human mind!


Again, without bothering much about defining the human mind, let us focus on the role of mind in our lives and how our individual mind patterns play in our lives on the whole. We will discuss how our state of mind essentially defines who we are and how we can transform the mind to become better and happier human individuals!


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