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Holi- The Ultimate Catharsis

6th Mar 2023 | Author - Viraj Malik

Catharsis is from the Ancient Greek word katharsis, meaning "purification" or "cleansing". It is most commonly used today to refer to the purification and purgation of thoughts and emotions, and to a resulting emotional state that results in renewal and restoration.


Holi is a festival of playfulness, where the colors can help us get out of our identities. In the play of Holi, we no longer care about how we are looking with different colors on our face. If we truly go with the flow we are able to become children again and let our body and mind go with doing things that we are not able to do in our normal course of life, as we are so caught up in our ego identities and are living our lives to appropriately reflect our identities through the judgement of others.


Holi is unique as it gives us an opportunity to move beyond our normal identity and behaviour and become one with the vibration of playfulness. This festival comes in the spring season when there are flowers blooming in different colors everywhere and everyone is at their playful best. If we notice just an hour of Holi playfulness, that is enough for us to get attuned to the vibration of Holi and can get us going.


It's an ultimate meditation where we are not trying to act on anything but rather are able to flow with the vibes of Holi and express ourselves through the hugs we give others and the colors we put on others. We are able to see the divine in everyone, and love and celebration are the tone of this festival.


This festival has the power to make enemies into friends again, as when ego dissolves, people come together, we become one, and we wash away harmful thoughts and emotions.


For Holi to become the ultimate catharsis, let's play Holi like it's the last day of our lives and give 100% of our playfulness. Let this child of ours come out of the veil of seriousness and the fear of being judged, let the color and joy of Holi cleanse us, purify us.


Have a Happy Holi! 


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