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Kid Fit

Witness Your Kids' Healthy
& Happy Transformation
into a young Adult

Launch Price: Rs.4000/- (12 Session)

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Program Highlights

  • - Join Anytime, Virtual Sessions
  • - Pause & Play Subscription model
  • - For Kids aged 7-15yrs
  • - 7 Online & Pre recorded sessions
  • - 1 Bonus-meet & greet with real inspiring leaders
  • - Free wellness consultation for the whole family
  • - EQ, IQ & Positive Psychology content
  • - Activate,Unblock,Channelise potential
  • - Immunity, Mood, Creativity Enhancement

Session Details

Physical Fitness

A growing body can be offered such amazing training, that will benefit their whole lifetime. The constant pressure, that kids face these days, takes a toll on their body. This can be easily avoided when we make them understand the benefits of how to take care of their organs, muscle, joints, skin, and overall body. Yoga has proved to be a methodology that has worked wonders with metabolism, hormone balance, agility, growth spurts. The body is going through changes and energy-based yoga which we call Rainbow yoga holds the power to enable your body. They understand the dynamics of how different energy centers based on colors of the rainbow, can enhance their strength and bring a structure to their lives, which is a constant struggle for them. Weight control, body balance, and endurance are the gifts of rainbow yoga. Young adults can experience that value add when they know that they themselves can activate & unlock their energies

Mental strength

A kid's mind is like clay. Give them the right kind of mold and they will blossom. Every little thing matters when you are a kid, it affects your mood, your relationship with studies with friends and your family. Mood swings are many and the nervous system is challenged by stress and anxiety. A kid's mind at this stage can be taught practices where they will be able to think mindfully and action things with awareness. They will always be in control, enjoy being in the now and in the driver's seat, hence 'mind over matter'. Meditation is the master skill here. Especially for Kids, we bring a form of moving meditation called Qi gong. Deep rhythmic breathing with slow flowing movements, is a beautiful form, that keeps the kid's interest alive. Plus the engaging memory techniques are taught so kids can deal enable their positive thoughts and disable the negative thoughts. Kids understand that the chatter and doubts in their mind are just words and learning to release the negative thoughts and choose what is essential and valuable, would bring them that freedom to feel calm with train themselves to have a positive mindset as young adults

Immunity Building

A child's first breath brings them to life. This breath can not be taken for granted, it needs that special attention like our body and mind. Exercising our chest muscles and clearing our lungs requires a special kind of regime that is essential to bring in that immunity physically and feeling light in our mind. Pranayams is the principal technique here. For kids, we have designed a form of breathing practice called the Nose-Belly-Heart breathwork. The circulation of breath in these 3 spaces helps bring expansion for cells to regenerate and release oxygen. The toxic air is released and the lungs can restore their strength. Plus the kids enjoy this form of breathing concept as its not demanding, clears their head, and fills them with relaxation

Adaptibilty-New Normal

Kids need to learn the art of adaptation. We are currently in a world, where the dynamics are changing constantly. School from home, playing indoors, not physical interaction with friends, travel restricted, limited space. All this and more is not easy for a kid as the growing mode they are in needs a lot of stimulation. Adapting to these circumstances can feel a compromise but that where this session helps in changing that perspective towards life and living. Empowering kids with a wellness map that makes them see these circumstances as mere pitstops in their growth journey and the map offers them the skills to maneuver the twists and turns of life. Planning, organizing, skill-building, recreation all of this is a part of the process where kids get to define their new normal within the constraints and limited resources. They see the power they have to be the flag bearers of the new normal

Positive Behavioural Conditioning

Kids are the beacon of hope. They see everything from the purest point of view, with no judgment, and ready to explore. This very positive aspect of their nature needs to harness and sustained as this will be their real strength as they grow into young adults. We share many techniques in positive psychology that will help keep their innocence alive and don't feel challenged, confused, disheartened by new surprises in life. They are always ready to seek the positive they can learn and execute in all aspects of their lives with studies, friends, and family. Once the subconscious mind learns a pattern of positive psychology it stays with you for a lifetime and then consciously it becomes a part of your thinking and doing the process, this very positive conditioning is the key principle here.

Creative Skill Building

A Kid's curiosity is what makes them stand out from the crowd. Their individuality is built when creativity is encouraged. Enthusiasm is the master principle here. How do you sustain the creative process and make it a part of everything, studies, personality development, making choices in life, recreation, future plans. The Hunger to grow and learn from all kinds of the opportunities life presents starts with imbibing the creative thinking and creative creations process as young adults themselves. Leaving no stones unturned and the hunger to push the limits are the gifts of creativity. All of these- Art, music, dance, theatre, writing, storytelling, and much more is a part of this power-packed creative session. Exercise and assignments where we kids get to interact with their inner self and other kids, discover each other's world, and get inspired to seek innovation in everything. Also, this is the time they are truly happy to sit on a laptop and enjoy these wellness sessions where creativity is also a part of the teaching style.

Real Life Leaders

Kids who feel like young adults need to learn self care=self love. A healthy regime for the physical body, eating right & tasty meals, brings in that freshness. The spirits are high and you are up to any task. The skin glows, the confidence is strong, you attract opportunities and create lifelong bonds. This is possible and it all starts with Self care, it teaches you the ways of acknowledging, validating, and filling yourself with self-love. When you care about yourself, you also see the beauty in others and it brings in that humbleness to grow not just intellectually but holistically. Self-love brings self-awareness and the kids learn not to judge but accept gracefully the challenges in their life and not let any failure or struggle affect them intensely. The key principle here is turning the flight and fight mode we all switch from in our daily lives in courage and calmness and rthais true Self care=Self love=Self empowerment

Bonus session

The kids get to meet real life influencers from different backgrounds. Real and genuine stories are shared with the kids for them to find inspiration and have n authentic Q & A session with these adults who are driven to meet their goals and purposes. This session truly brings out the kids from their shell, as they see and hear people who actually have made their dreams come true, even if they were introverts or not too great at studies or had a difficult childhood. Nothing made them stop, they fell but got up, shared their achievements with all who contributed in their life. Loads of joyful anecdotes are shared. Real-life lessons are shared and learned in this Mentoring session.

Instructor Details

Kid Fit wellness model is the brain child of Shivli Bembey. She has successfully
run programs in England, Dubai and across India.

Transformative Life Coach

Coach Master Academy, accredited by ICF International Coaching Federation

Heart to Heart Counselling

Behavioural Counsellor, specialist in CBT Under Dr.Rajan & Dr.Minu Bhosle

Training in Hypnotherapy

California Hypnosis Institute

Certified Qi Gong Instructor

White Tiger Qi Gong, Thailand

Yoga Therapist

Shiva Shakti Yoga, Rishikesh

Founder of The WOW Life

Coach,Counselor,Yoga Therapist

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