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Priyanka Soni
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As a passionate dance instructor with extensive experience, I am dedicated to fostering a love for dance among students of all ages. My expertise encompasses a wide range of dance styles, including Bollywood, contemporary, and hip hop, honed through years of training and teaching. I began my professional journey with two years at Buskers Dance Institute, followed by a year at Mispa Dance Academy, where I developed engaging and impactful dance lessons. My five years of choreography experience in wedding events and school functions have further refined my creative skills, allowing me to create memorable and dynamic performances. I am committed to continuous growth, regularly seeking opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills in the dance field. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of teaching dance at various institutions, leaving a lasting impact through my energetic and creative teaching methods. My dedication to excellence and ability to connect with students has resulted in numerous successful performances and events. As a dance teacher, my goal is to inspire and empower students, nurturing their talents and instilling a lifelong passion for dance. I am now seeking new opportunities at a reputable dance school where I can continue to share my extensive knowledge, skills, and passion for dance.

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